NY / NJ / CT
190SL Picnic

July 20, 2003
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The NY / NJ / CT 190SL Picnic hosted by Peter Rutigliano took place at the Ross Boat Basin at Palisades Interstate Park in Englewood Cliffs NJ. The Gathering attracted about 30 members and guests, along with 12 190SLs from the NY Metro area. People drove from all over, through a ton of traffic to reach the event.  Members in attendance were Alex Bergo, Allan Bleviss & Audrey, Bob Platz, Brian & Paula Parker, Carl Heide, Frank Telang, Elaine & George Behling, Mark Hutchinson, Napolean & Maureen Jenkins, Chris & Kost Giatras, Jim Philips, Barbara Karolski, and your host Peter Rutigliano.

It was wonderful to see all these beautiful cars next to each other and also see how close our members live to one another...We are hoping to have another in the not to distant future....


A nice array of cars made the trek to the Ross Boat Basin.
The palisades offered some beautiful views!
An amazing view of the George Washington Bridge.

Completed in 1931, the George Washington Bridge is the most heavily travelled bridge in the USA.

GW Bridge Facts

The lower level of the GW Bridge was added 31 years after its original completion!

Mark Hutchinson, Chris Giatras and Peter Rutigliano check out the differences in this unique before and after shot
Members enjoy the tastes of the day as Maureen Jenkins cooks up a storm.
A small group convenes around Rob Platz's car
Mark Hutchinson shows his clean engine upon explaining he has never done work to it.

The ladies made a good time of the picnic
A beautiful line up of cars.
Kosta & Chris Giatras's project car is coming along nicely...
Parking at a premium, we managed to squeeze all of our cars... schmoozing the park ranger was easy when we learned he was a car guy!

A great shot of Elaine Behling's '58
A patriotic view of my favorite bridge...who knew the Hudson River could look so nice?
The gang chows down
Members and park-goers alike admire the cars

Nice shot of Alex Bergo's '61
The gang prepares for our cruise up the Hudson.
Kosta Giatras gets a great shot of our cruise from behind.
Sal & MaryJane Saia, Brian & Paula Parker and Kosta & Chris Giatras take a beautiful drive up Henry Hudson Drive.

Alan Bleviss and Audrey
Alex Bergo
Bob Platz
Brian and Paula Parker

Carl Heide 
Elaine & George Behling
Frank Telang
Mark Hutchinson

Napolean Jenkins next his 1955...car number 7.
Sal & MaryJane Saia

Missing shots for
Peter Rutigliano and Kosta
& Chris Giatras