190SL Gathering 

April 5, 2003
Warrenton, VA

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Jim Villers, Tom Reiger, Donald Creed Sr., David Hay and Dean Turner with their cars. 
The 2003 Mid-Atlantic 190SL Gathering was held at the home of Dean and Sue Turner in Warrenton, Virginia. There was an interesting mix of both people and cars .  Both a very early and a very late model car (1955 and 1963) were represented in addition to Tom Reiger's well restored example.

There was an interesting mix of attendees;  three individuals were just beginning their restoration projects; Dean Turner, our host, Pete Williams from Leonardtown MD and Vernon Harrison from Virginia Beach (restoring a right handed drive car originally from Guyana(British)).   There were several distinguished members, Ron and Lucy Rapp who founded the club, founding members Tom Reiger and Robby Ackerman, and Charley Shaw who was very active early member. The gathering began in a drizzling rain but blue sky and sun appeared after lunch, allowing the group to delve under the hoods and chassis.  Thanks to Dean and his wife Sue for hosting and providing lunch.  Tom Reiger will host next years gathering in Fredrick MD.  

Dean Turner, Tom Reiger and Lucy Rapp inspect Tom's car.
Dean, and Robby Ackerman. 
David Hay and Vernon Harrison look over David's engine.
Donald Creed Jr., Charlie Shaw and Donald Creed Sr. in front of Donald Sr's 1955 (#5501338 Titled as a 1956).

The group "gathering".  Dean's house is on the right (not shown), his "hobby garage" is on the left.
Vernon Harrison, David Hay, Dean Turner, Jim Villers, Robby Ackerman, Donald Creed Sr, Pete Williams, Tom Reiger, Lucy Rapp, Ron Rapp and Charlie Shaw
 Lucy Rapp rounding up the members for lunch.
Cook Dean Turner.

June Tolley, Dean and Sue Turner, Ron Rapp, Charlie Shaw and Betty Villers. 
Sue Turner with Betty and Jim Villers.
Charlie Shaw, Ron and Lucy Rapp with Pete Williams.
Dean showing Tom Reiger and Donald Creed Jr some of his newspaper clippings.

Dean's garage is well equipped.  David Hay's car is on the rack to inspect a suspension bushing.
David Hay and Dean Turner underneath.
Ron Rapp, Dean Turner and Charlie Shaw.
The new 190SL Group Decals were handed out to all attendees.

Tom Reiger's engine compartment was beautiful. 
His Solex carburetors looked like they have never seen gasoline (even though Tom drove to the event).
Just note the correct toggle type hose clamps. 
Note another correct hose clamp in the correct location. 

An early windshield washer in Donald Creed's 1955.  
Pete William's car in his garage (the car did not attend the gathering). 
A picture this winter of Dean with his award winning Austin Healey.
Some pictures are just irresistible (Jim Villers' hood)