First S.F. Bay Area
190SL Gathering 

November 17, 2002
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Check Out Members and Their Cars

This is the First Annual S.F. Bay Area Gathering, organized and hosted by Joe Amaro and his family (right) at regional park in Walnut Creek, California.  The Gathering attracted over 50 members and guests, along with 18 190SLs (plus one 220S) from the greater S.F. Bay Area and as far as Sacramento and San Diego. 

A great time was had by all (just look at the pictures) and everyone is looking forward to another Gathering next Spring.

Joe Amaro handing out "Gathering T-shirts".
Donna Tschirky, Joe Amaro and Clint Sadler preparing to view the lineup.
Dave Falleri, Roy Spencer and Johannes Raedeker compare notes.
Members and guests enjoying each other's 190SLs

A rare lineup of 18 190SLs (plus one 220S) 
Clint Sadler, Joe Amaro and Tom Mastoris inspect Joe's "project" car while Tom Buckingham, Sheffield Nolan and Jamie Jones look on
 A passerby chats with Bob Cottam as Ron and Jan Rubin get more food out of their car.
Elizabeth Houck's 1960 190SL

Dave Falleri enjoys a quite stroll down the lineup.
Jim Levine (background) observes differences between his ivory 1956 190SL and Chuck Swan's adjacent gray 1960 rendition.
Hood up for "show" - Roy Spencer and John Van Noord check out Joe White's 1958 190SL.
Danny Amaro in Dad's project car.

Tim Graney's 1959 190SL with a Judson supercharger.
The interior of Tim Graney's 1959 190SL, note the Judson badge..
Members and guest continue to compare notes.
Sauter and Raedeker families with their cars.

Tom Sauter in 190SL peddle car. 
Tom Sauter cruzin for speed in 190SL peddle car.
Tom Sauter ready for action in 190SL peddle car.
Mike Herrmann's Vintage 190SL peddle car. 

Alice Cottam, Angie Amaro and Jeanne Buckingham at the Grill. 
Arpad Molnar with son Nichos.
The picnic begins at the grill with Rudy Weiglein and Keri Ferencz lending a hand.
190SLs, sunshine, good company and steaks on the grill.

Van Noord, Buckingham and English Families).
Tony Tschirky, Michael and Marcella Schlegel enjoying lunch with Ron Rubin
Gathering around the grill
The Weiglein's, Tschirky's and Schlegel's enjoying the sunshine

Marianne Swan, Sandra Sauter, Tony Tschirky, Chuck Swan, Elizabeth Houck and Donna Tschirky gather around the chips and salad table.
John and Donna Van Noord.
Johannes Raedeker Wearing Commemorative T-Shirt.
Tom Mastoris with daughter Veronica .

Joe Amaro Toasting a successful Gathering and looking forward to next Spring.
Jacquelyn and Stephanie Amaro in  dad's project car.
Amaro Kids (Danny, Lauren, Stephanie, Jacquelyn) hide behind a tree during the picnic..
Future 190SL Group Member (Ben Johansing)

190SLs Departing  (Ron and Jan Rubin Followed by Stephan and Sandra Sauter).