The International 190SL Group Convention and Concours


Minneapolis, MN
July 27-30, 2000

Additional Pictures from Mark Richey

We Need More Pictures!
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 Cars of the 190SL Group line up at the lunch stop during the Sunday drive.  They are David Hay, Bill Johnson, Jim Villers, Don Drabik, Don Freese, Brian Parker's car (driver???), Bob Ostlund and Jim Blint
Saturday morning ... cleaning up, washing cars and getting ready.
Award Winners:

Farthest Traveled: Clint Sadler
Farthest Driven: Tie, Brian Parker & Jim Villers
Navigation Award: Joyce Ostlund
Second Place: Tie, Bill Johnson & Brian Parker
Best of Show: Don Drabik
Jim Villers Gets "Bad Luck" Award. Click for story.
The cars in the Mariott parking area.  David Hay's and Jim Villers'
Good food on the patio.
David Hay& June Tolley with Jim & Betty Villers.
A gathering on the patio for socializing and good cheer.
The show cars ready to be judged.  Don Drabik's bright red 190SL in the middle won top honors.  The cars are Don Freese, Jim Blint,  Don Drabik, Brian Parker, and Bill Johnson.
Bruce Adams
Jim Blint & Twila Stone
Don & Kathryn Drabik
Marlin & Murielle Dreyer
Tom & Jeanne Buckingham
Don & Shirley Freese
Tom & Marilyn Hamilton
David Hay & June Tolley
Mike and Mary Jo Herrmann
John Jacobson
Bill Johnson & Cheri Ferbrache
Bob & Joyce Ostland
Brian & Paula Parker
Mark & Sheila Richey
Tom Rieger
Clint Sadler
Harold Schmidt
Charlie & Lynn Spiher
Rich & Nannette Splaine
Larry Spitzmiller
Will Swanson
Louis Tilton
Jim & Betty Villers
The car  with their rags up.
Bill Johnson's Beautiful SL.
Cars with their drivers on Sunday.
The room party with a bath tub of beer
(and a broken ice maker).
Don Drabik, Best of Show, Brian Parker and Bill Johnson tie for second honors for their show/driving cars.
More pictures of people and cars are needed to convey the cheer and good time of the convention.  If you mail pictures to me, I will return them to you.  Please provide captions and identify the people.  See you next year in Leadville CO.      Jim Villers  3133 Inlet Road, Virginia Beach VA  23454