190SL Owners Manuals

Edition "A" (12MB) June, 1955

Edition "B" (10MB) February, 1956

Edition "C" (10MB) February, 1957

Edition "D" (12MB) March, 1958
(Has "1957" in manual, but I
believe this to be a misprint)

Edition "E" (15MB) March, 1959

Edition "F" (9MB) May, 1960

Edition "G" (15MB) May, 1962

Edition "G" in PDF format (5MB)

"Dash Controls" pages 1 - 9 in PDF format (1MB)

Lubrication & Maintenance Chart Update (1MB) June, 1959

Be warned... these files are very large! It WILL take awhile to load if you're on a 56k modem.
(Probably in the neighborhood of 90 minutes to 2 hours each.) Be patient!

Once downloaded, you can "unzip" the files and save them to your hard drive.
Note: You MUST have some kind of "UNZIP" utility to use these files.
Several are available from various sites, with a few being Shareware.
Here are a few that I have used:

ZIPGENIUS (Shareware)

JUSTZIPIT (Shareware)

INFO-ZIP (Shareware)

PKZIP (Not Shareware)

WINZIP (Not Shareware)

SIMPLYZIP (Not Shareware)