Judson Supercharger Installation in a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

By Paul Greenblatt

Photo Courtesy of Griot's Garage

In the 1950's and 60's the Judson Research and Manufacturing Company of  Conshohocken, Pennsylvania made vane type superchargers for Volkswagen, MG, Volvo and other cars including the Mercedes 190SL. The addition of this option added significant horsepower to these cars by adding a modest amount of pressure to the air-fuel mixture. More information can be found on how they work by using search engines on the web. I found excellent help on the Question and Answer forum on the International 190SL Group's website www.190slgroup.com Here are some notes I made and photos I took of the installation of a my Judson Supercharger in my 1960 Mercedes 190SL.

Because these units are no longer manufactured, I purchased a used unit on the Internet. Very few appear for sale on eBay or other websites. In fact in the year or so since I became interested in them, only one appeared on eBay. There are not too many around.

The seller suggested that I have it rebuilt by George Folchi in Connecticut. George specializes in rebuilding Judson Superchargers. He is a craftsman and produced a high quality restoration that appeared new right down to the Judson serial number plate. He fabricated the fan spacer and pulley and had other parts available to make the kit.


The Judson Supercharger