(Draft) Detail of Changes to the 190SL 

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With technical help from Ron Rapp of SL Auto Haus Ltd

Exterior Rear:

Exterior rear view of a late 1956 with early bumper guards (until 7501450). Note large tail lights (after 6502678) should be Red/Clear/Amber. (Bumper mounted reflectors missing)
Exterior rear view of a 1960 with correct Red/Clear/Red Tail Light Lenses, which strted at 7502265 for US cars, and 8501775 for all others.
Exterior rear view of a European 1961 (reflectors missing)

Trunk Lid

1960 Trunk Lid
Early trunk lift/lock with lift hook
Trunk lock with separate lift handle after Aug 1960
Late Trunk Lid detail 

Tail Lights

Early small tail light.  Note colors of red (brake and tail light), clear (backup light) and amber (turn signal light). 

License Frame and Light

No Frame at all. 
Light in bumper over-rider after Jul 1957  (7501450)
European chrome frame.
1955 European license holder with early trunk lock (no cover).  

Details of early license lights (Drivers side).  Prior to Jul 1957  (7501450)
Details of early license lights (Passengers side).  Prior to Jul 1957  (7501450)
Note that the Passengers side license light also illuminates the gas filler area. 
Details of the dealer installed (?) bumper mounted license plate frame. (Note incorrect license light)

Fuel Caps

Early non-locking "vented" cap (brushed Aluminum).
Early (optional) locking "vented" gas cap (chromed). Became Standard Equipment on January 19th, 1959 at Chassis Number 9500153. Note: Locking Gas Caps share the key with the doors.
"Non-Vented" locking gas cap (non-chromed, nickle plated). Became Standard Equipment on Jan 5th, 1961 with the "vented" Gas Tank. 
"Non-Vented" locking gas cap (chromed). Replaced the non-chromed Gas Cap on June 26th, 1961. This cap will have "Ohne Luftung" ("non-vented") inscribed on the back.
"Over the Counter" locking "vented" gas cap (chromed). Looks exactly like the "non-vented" cap to the left. Used as a replacement for early "vented" caps. This cap will have "Luftung" inscribed on the back.

Reflectors and Exhaust Tips

Reflector attached under bumper. Early were glass, later and reproductions are plastic.  Original exhaust tip was "straight" with one holding screw.  Reproductions have a "rolled" end.
Rear reflector on the body.  (Note that the rear lens has not yet been installed on this factory photo. Also note the orientation of the reflector.) 

I need at least the following pictures:  

Pre 1957 license plate lights.
Pre 1959 fuel cap or any other fuel caps.
Taillights:   Later larger tail light, After April 1957 "convex" tail light, Amber European taillight.
Reflectors: Early reflectors on body. Very close-up of exhaust tip.

Anything else that you have that is different from the above.
email digital picture to Jim Villers or mail a picture to 3133 Inlet Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454