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Factory Pictures

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With significant contributions from Ed and Linda Bertrand

Factory Specification Sheet (In German)

1955 Specification sheet. (page 1)
1955 Specification sheet. (page 2)
Late 1953 Prototype Blueprint
Late 1954 Final Production Blueprint
Late 1954 Sports Roadster Blueprint

Factory Pictures

1955 factory photo 66365. Note the seats, jack holes and sun visor. (Hi-Res)
1955 factory photo 66359. Note the small tail lights, glove box handle, fuel cap and lack of sun visors and Map Light. Also note the missing drivers side door panel in the Hi-Res shot!
1955 factory photo 66358. Note the lack of jack hole covers, trim rings and eyebrow trim. (Hi-Res)
1955 factory photo 66364. Note the early door handles and sun visors. (Hi-Res)
Design Chief Walter Häcker (left), Late 1954. (Hi-Res)
Design Studio 1955. (Hi-Res)
Early publicity comparison between the 190SL and the 300SL. (Hi-Res)
Early 1956 Chassis. (Hi-Res)
Factory Photo 58896. (1955 190SL Coupe). (Hi-Res)
Factory Photo 58897. (1955 190SL Coupe). (Hi-Res)
Factory Photo 68609. (1955 190SL Engine). (Hi-Res)
Factory Photo 66528. (1955 190SL Roadster). (Hi-Res)

Factory Photo 66369 (1955 190SL Roadster Interior). Note the grab handle. (Hi-Res)
February 20, 1958 Assembly Line Factory Photo 80893. Note the Body Number (253) written on the rear tire in the (Hi-Res) shot.
February 20, 1958. Assembly Line Factory Photo 80889 (Note the 300SL in the background). (Hi-Res)
February 20, 1958. Factory Photo 80890. A 300SL being assembled.

February 20, 1958. Factory Photo 80892. A 300SL engine being mated to the tubular chassis.
Factory Photo 76443. A 190SL undercarriage being mated to the body.
A 190SL engine being installed. Note the Body Number "502" on the tire. (Hi-Res)
Look at all the engineers!

Fun at the park! (Hi-Res)
Factory Photo 83322. 190SL Sports Roadster. (Hi-Res)
Factory Transporter. (Hi-Res)
Factory Photo 62403. 190SL Prototype at the 1954 New York Auto Show. (Hi-Res)

A very early factory color picture. Note that the license plate number is in the same series as the other early cars.
1955 factory photo. Note lack of jack port covers (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 61203. 190SL Prototype (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)

Factory photo 61216. 190SL Prototype (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 66303 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 68608 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 66368 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)

Factory photo 66523 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 78698 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 89789 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)
Factory photo 66529 (Ron Rapp). (Hi-Res)

Factory photo 66527 (Parry Chana).
Factory photo 68887 (Parry Chana).
Factory photo68900 (Parry Chana).
Factory photo 68901 (Parry Chana).

Factory photo 89787 (Parry Chana).
Factory photo 89792 (Parry Chana).
Factory photo 89793 (Parry Chana).



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