(Draft) Detail of Changes to the 190SL 

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1957 dashboard. Note one piece dash cover.  (non standard rug)
1956 interior. Note early seats and lack of clock. (non standard speaker box and rugs)
Rear interior of 1960.

Gauges & Dashboard

1956 Dashboard.  Note the European gauges and ignition adjuster left of fuel gauge.
Close up of a 1955 Octane adjuster
1955 glove box with side lock and with a grab handle on the dash.
1956 Chrome vent control, driver's side.

1955 windshield washer (hand pump) knob.
German mandated hazard flasher installed in a 1955  
Another German hazard flasher.


Early door with large handle latch until Feb 1957
Late door with pull latches after Feb 1957  
1955 door panel with pull handle and covered armrest.

Details of 1955 pull handle. Note: handle facing down. It appears that doors without pulls, have upward  handles. 
The opening of the 1955 armrest cover.
An aftermarket 14.5 inch Nardi steering wheel.


Early style seat covered in leather.
1955 leather jump seat.

Radios and Speakers

Becker Brasica AM and Short Wave radio installed.
Original Speaker box under dash.
1955 European Becker Mexico (AM and FM; signal seeking.)
Becker Brescia (AM and Reims short wave plug in unit)

More Radios 

Becker Europa AM and FM radio.
Blauplunkt Frankfort (incorrect knobs and bezel)
Becker Monte Carlo. Believed to be one of the last radios installed in the 190 SL
Blauplunkt Koln

And More Radios 

Blauplunkt Koln #2.  A signal seeking three band radio.
Blauplunkt Koln #3. A four band radio
Blauplunkt Bremmen from a 1956 bought in Sweeden

Other Details

1955 top release lever.
1955 Ash receiver.
1959 Top latch and visor details of the later, leather visors.

I need at least the following pictures:  

Better picture of ignition adjuster
Sun visors, early and late with and without vanity mirror
Glove box without clock, with clock and without lock, with clock and lock
Ash tray, early and late
Turn signal switch, flasher switch
Heater controls, early chrome, late plastic
Early dashboard cover (two or three piece)
Other original radios
Better picture of early door panel with early door handle
Interior differences of roadsters verses coupes
Good picture of a late seat, early fabric covered seats

Anything else that you have that is different from the above.
email digital picture to Jim Villers or mail a picture to 3133 Inlet Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454