(Draft) Detail of Changes to the 190SL 

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With technical help from Ron Rapp of SL Auto Haus Ltd

Exterior Front and Side:

1956 without bumper guards.  Note the incorrect amber parking lights for a 1956. 
1957 with clear parking lights and optional bumper guards. 
Early 1955 with European headlights, fog lights and optional second horn. 

Parking Lights

Clear glass "Beehive" parking lights were used until sometime in 1956 (exact date unknown). At that time, the "shallow" lens was made "deeper" for bulb clearance. Sometime after that (exact date unknown), the glass lens was changed to plastic. This assembly was used until 8501804. Then, for US cars only, a clear plastic "twist-off" lens was used. European cars continued with the plastic "Beehive" light until 21725. After that German cars got an amber plastic "twist-off" lens.
1955 "shallow" glass "Beehive" parking light. (Note incorrect Trim Ring screw orientation. The Trim Ring securing screws should be at 12 and 6 o'clock.)

Eyebrow Trim

1955 European headlight assembly.
1955 European (round) fog light assembly. Note: This version of the fog light has NOT been verified as being factory installed.

Jack Points


1955 (Aluminum) hard top (small window)

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